Startup Info Interview

Updated 10th Jun 2021

Last year, Healthera was awarded funding by Innovate UK to develop local same-day medicine delivery, from pharmacies to patients.

Startup Info, a leading tech news publisher, sat down with CEO Quintus Liu to discuss the work we have been doing to develop same-day on-demand medication delivery from pharmacies to patients.


How does Healthera innovate?

"We innovate through both our technology and business model.

From a technical perspective, our platform integrates into NHS systems through multiple touchpoints, securely passing clinical data and streamlining the pharmacist’s workflow in dispensing medication. We extensively use data to support our product design and give our partner pharmacies feedback regularly. The mobile app renders a complicated journey of requesting prescriptions into an experience as simple as ordering a meal on Just Eat while being supported by a local pharmacist whom the patient trusts.

More so, we’re proud of the business model we’ve innovated. There are online pharmacies that order medicines for patients and delivers by post. But we are the only company that has made this platform available to any pharmacy on the high street, whether it’s an independent pharmacy or a part of an enterprise chain.

Our model allows us to be the only company that can facilitate the same-day delivery service while benefiting thousands of local businesses, the only sustainable way of making this service the new consumer standard."


How did your customer relationship management evolve? Do you use any specific tools to be efficient?

"When we first launched the company, we used a basic out-of-box CRM system for sales and account management.

But with the introduction of the on-demand delivery service, we quickly realised that we needed to monitor the customer experience more closely, and we had the data available to do so.

We have an excellent data team that continuously generates deeper and broader analysis from our data, both for our internal team and for our pharmacy partners to better understand and improve their customer service quality. We have already helped our partner pharmacies achieve a 60% reduction in prescription turnaround time in the last year and dramatically increase overall customer satisfaction."


Your final thoughts?

"We are humbled by the opportunity to work in a market that serves millions of people with their critical drugs. We have learned a lot in the past year, and we have exciting plans this year to help even more partner pharmacies play a bigger role in the health and well-being of their local neighbourhoods."


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