How does the Healthera POD platform work?

Healthera is the only app that allows patients to order their prescriptions directly into your CCG's Prescription Ordering Direct workflow.

Our intuitive prescription handling portal is specifically designed for POD centres. It puts emphasis on medicine optimisation and prescribing cost-saving. The portal links with the Healthera mobile app - an NHS Apps Library-approved application - and it enables POD staff to do the following:


Increased Efficiency

We worked with Dartford Gravesham Swanley CCG to pioneer the digital Prescription Ordering Direct. 6 months after the project began, the results demonstrated a huge uptake in the number of requests being handled per day:

  • A 95.2% increase in total order capacity across the POD
  • A 53.7% increase in the total operational efficiency per staff member for the whole team
  • A saving of 72 staff hours per week
  • Reduced call demand means calls are no longer congested on Monday mornings, but better managed throughout the week. Thus, staff members were able to take 19.8% more calls per week that they might have missed previously
  • Staff managing app requests handled 250-300 per day

Financial Savings

Combining a huge saving in staff time with a drastic reduction in medicine wastage enabled Dartford Gravesham Swanley CCG to make significant financial savings:

  • As a direct result of the patient app, DGS CCG made an annual saving of £292,600 on a patient list the size of 140,000
  • This translates to a saving of £2.09 per patient

Improved Experience for Staff and Patients

By reducing phone queues and congestion, POD staff and patients can enjoy a better ordering experience and a greatly improved communication platform.

Our mobile app is actively used and loved by thousands of patients across the UK as well as hundreds of pharmacies using Healthera Connect™. Currently, our app is rated 4.6/5 by over 3000 patients and has a 96% satisfaction score with our pharmacy partners.

Don't take our word for it.