NHS Digital Representatives Tout Healthera as a Leading Digital Solution for Patients and Pharmacies

Updated 13th Jul 2020

Last week, we attended Pharmacy Forward in Birmingham. With a specific focus on community pharmacies, the aim of this event is to unpack and explore the latest changes and challenges within the industry. Doing so ensures that everyone in this sector is better prepared for the coming months.


Tech Transformation


Mohammed Hussain, Senior Clinical Lead for NHS Digital, gave an inspiring talk on the interplay between technology and pharmacies. In his presentation, Mohammed explored the ways in which we can identify the revenue and efficiency opportunities of emerging technology.

Looking specifically at handheld devices and the rise of app technology, Mohammed’s talk delved into the resulting shift this has had on the healthcare industry. Previously, independent pharmacies did not have an offering in the digital space but as Mohammed went on to discuss, computer- and tech-based solutions are now becoming the norm for independent and chain pharmacies alike.


For the Patients


Patients are at the very core of the pharmacy industry. And in his presentation, Mohammed talked a great deal about how we can use technology to improve the patient experience. He touted Healthera as a prime example of a transformative digital solution and highlighted how our patient-facing technology is addressing a gap in the market. With tech-based solutions such as ours, Mohammed notes the benefits this brings the patients; they can manage their medication far more easily and gain greater access to their local pharmacy.


For the Pharmacies


Mohammed went on to discuss the pharmacies and how this introduction of technology is positively affecting them in their daily operations. Systems like Healthera, Mohammed mentions, are giving pharmacies a greater ability to retain and grow their patient base. The technology allows for this by enabling pharmacies to showcase their own branding as well as giving them the ability to better market to their patients.

App solutions such as Healthera work by integrating with the NHS; our platform sits comfortably alongside the NHS app with a united objective of providing the best healthcare to patients. While the NHS app lays the foundations for a digital standard, Healthera helps pharmacies - as private contractors - go the extra mile for their patients and their own brands.

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