How to book a pharmacy service

To book a pharmacy service, tap the ‘my pharmacy’ bubble at the top left of your screen, then select your pharmacy. You can then scroll down through their list of available services. When you find the service you would like to book, tap on it to see a description and tap book now to find an available slot. (Time slots which aren’t available are greyed out.)

The service has now been added to your calendar and the pharmacy will notify you on your app when they have confirmed your booking.

If you don’t receive a notification, you may want to message or call your pharmacy to check by using the chat option on the pharmacies page in the ‘my pharmacy’ bubble.

Note: You can check your booking at any time by tapping the center of the home screen to access your calendar, and scrolling through to the day you made your booking for.


How to order a repeat prescription

To order a repeat prescription tap the green ‘Repeat Prescriptions’ bubble at the bottom left of your Healthera home screen.

Here you can see all of your repeat prescription requests and their current status.

Next, tap the ‘add’ button at the bottom of the screen and either select the medication from your list or tap ‘find medicine’ to add a medicine which hasn’t been entered into your medicine diary before.

If this is the first time you are ordering a repeat, you will be prompted to add your address, NHS number, registered GP Surgery and to set your nominated pharmacy.

Next, just tap ‘place order’ and wait for the app to notify you that your prescription is ready to collect.


How to join my pharmacy / Why am I added to a pharmacy nearby?

When you download the Healthera app, if you have been directed to do so by your pharmacy the app will add that pharmacy for you, if not you will be automatically added to your nearest pharmacy to allow you to use the app’s pharmacy related features.

If you would like to add a pharmacy yourself, tap the ‘my pharmacy’ bubble on the top left of the home screen then tap the plus ( + ) icon on the top right of the screen.

This takes you to a list of pharmacies that are on a map, which allows you to search for your pharmacy visually.

Merely tap on the pharmacy and then tap, ‘join pharmacy’ to add your pharmacy. (Please bear in mind you may have to change your nominated pharmacy on the settings page to be able to use some features).


How to set up medicine alarms

  1. To set medicine alarms, first tap the blue bubble at the bottom right of the Healthera home screen, titled ‘add a new medicine.’
  2. Then you have an option, to either scan the barcode on the medicine or to enter the medicine name manually.
  3. Select which days you are taking the medicine, you can select daily (for every day), every other day, every certain number of days or once a week.
  4. Input the number of times per day you need to take your medicine, and in the next box select the specific times you want your alarm set and the number of pills/doses you need to take each time.
  5. Finally, select the date you would like to start your reminders, then tap next to review your medicine entry.


What if my pharmacy is not currently a Healthera pharmacy?

We are working to bring as many pharmacies on board with Healthera as we can but this may take a little time. Please support us by providing us the name and address of your pharmacy on the support channel or by submitting a request and our team will get in touch with them.


What if I can’t find my GP surgery?

If you can’t find your surgery on the app, please notify the team by using the support channel and we will work to add it in as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can also send us an email at