Offered to every pharmacy

Healthera Marketplace is now part of your standard package, so you will automatically be able to receive new patients.

We do all the marketing

Utilising a variety of marketing activities, we target patients nationally, and it will all be funded and managed by us.

Receive new patients

We will consistently send patients to the platform, and they will be able to find and nominate your pharmacy, as long as you haven't opted out.

Set a radius if you deliver

Tell us where you deliver, and this ensure that when a local patient wants delivery, they'll match to you.

Stand out in your community

Backed by the strongest digital marketing effort nationwide, patients in your area will be able to instantly find the treatments and services offered by your pharmacy, whether it is common OTC medicines or treatments such as those for ED.


Reinforce your patients' loyalty

Bring your existing patients onboard with our text/email invite feature so they only see you.

Our algorithms help you secure their loyalty every step of the way, from account registration to medicines order checkout.

Pharmacist using Healthera Connect
Pharmacist using Healthera Connect
Pharmacist using Healthera Connect

Expand your existing coverage

An effect of Healthera Marketplace is a boost in your existing services. There will be growing demand for your diverse offerings, from your online store to your clinic services.

You will also receive increased interest in door to door medicine delivery, which will significantly grow your revenue.

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