What this means for Healthera Pharmacy Partners


1. You don't need to do anything

Healthera Marketplace is now part of your standard package, so you will automatically be able to receive new patients.

2. We do all the marketing

Utilising a variety of marketing activities, we target patients nationally, and it will all be funded and managed by us.

3. Receive new patients

We will consistently send patients to the platform, and they will be able to find and nominate your pharmacy, as long as you haven't opted out.

4. Draw a radius if you offer delivery

A radius will ensure that when a patient joins Healthera and they're in an area you can deliver to, they'll know about you.

Thrive in the digital age

Our marketing activities will have the sole purpose of attracting patients and driving them towards your pharmacy to support you as you enrich your patient care with our technology.

We know you already have patients loyal to you, but there are far more in your community looking for a pharmacy with online services. We will channel them to your pharmacy so they can order medication online.

Expand your existing coverage

An effect of Healthera Marketplace is a boost in your existing services. There will be growing demand for your diverse offerings, from your online store to your clinic services.

You will also receive increased interest in door to door medicine delivery, which will significantly grow your revenue.

Pharmacist using Healthera Connect
Pharmacist using Healthera Connect
Pharmacist using Healthera Connect

From The Eyes of an App User

So your existing patients only see you, you can use our text / email invite feature to bring them onboard.

Even if you don't, Healthera Marketplace algorithms will ensure they can still find you.

Our GDPR Promise

Healthera is GDPR compliant. We're listed on the NHS apps library and assured by NHS Digital for public use. We take privacy and data protection very seriously. Please read our Privacy Policy for more information.

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