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Bring positive changes in your pharmacy.

Healthera, the accredited NHS prescription app, is built by pharmacists and medical researchers from Cambridge University.

Automate patient-initiated repeat ordering, saving staff time and gaining growth in dispensing through more adherent patients.






Our Featured Pharmacies

Stand out from your competition.

Strong marketing capability enables your pharmacy to become a local hub for clinical services.

Engage with patients through secure messaging. Your brand takes over the moment patients enter the app.









Return On Investment  

Become a Delivery Partner with Healthera.

Join the UK's largest platform for patients to connect with their local pharmacies.

With out expertise in technology and customer support, we seek partners who deliver NHS prescriptions to their local patients.







Our GDPR Promise

Healthera is GDPR compliant. We're listed on the NHS apps library and assured by NHS Digital for public use. We take privacy and data protection very seriously, and every effort has been made to ensure the security of our databases. All of our data is encrypted using 2048-bit certificates and backed up nightly for security. Additionally, all repeat prescription orders and patient consent nominations are sent to pharmacies and NHS GPs via secure NHS mail.

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