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How do you use Healthera?

1.Invite your patients to download the Healthera app and order from your pharmacy, exclusively

2. Receive new customers  who will now get faster prescriptions, and purchase medicines and treatments

3. Use a simple dashboard to see your upcoming orders and prepare the medicines for the patient

4. Receive cashless payments and deliver to your patients, or have them collect their medicines in-store 

Get New Patients Through Free Marketing

  • Nationwide marketing campaigns to gain nominations locally
  • Unlimited design, marketing and analytics support 
  • Diverse offerings promoted to patients in your area


Healthera Marketplace

Healthera App and Medication
Healthera App and Medication
Healthera App and Medication

Grow Your OTC and Prescription Sales

  • Only 33% of UK patients buy OTCs from their local pharmacy. Whereas Healthera makes you the default, most convenient, option for your patients.
  • The reminder feature in the app makes it easier for patients to remember to take and reorder their medication, resulting in an increase in prescription requests.
  • With Healthera, you gain additional revenue and increase profit margins through paid-for deliveries, OTC sales, and improved adherence.

How to get started within 24hours 



Save 100s of Hours Through Automated Processes

  • Integrated with GP Systems such as EMIS and TPP SystmOne for a hassle free option
  • Healthera Pharmacies benefit from a reduction in phone calls, queues, medication queries and request for order updates.
  • All pharmacies have access to a Dashboard to help them monitor and manage their patients' needs.

Return on investment for Healthera Pharmacies



Pharmacist using Healthera Connect
Pharmacist using Healthera Connect
Pharmacist using Healthera Connect

Our GDPR Promise

Healthera is GDPR compliant. We're listed on the NHS apps library and assured by NHS Digital for public use. We take privacy and data protection very seriously. Please read our Privacy Policy for more information.

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