Automated Repeat Ordering Process

With seamless integration, Healthera Connect allows patients to group and initiate their prescription orders to their GP surgeries directly, while keeping pharmacies updated. Not only does this feature save pharmacies hundreds of hours per year, it leads patients to make more condensed orders and make them more regularly.

Effective, Secure Messaging Channel

Instead of patient phone calls or drop-in visits, Healthera’s in-app messaging function saves pharmacies valuable time when addressing patients' order-related queries. This feature helps you advise multiple patients in the same time it would take to call one patient. On average, this could save 100 hours per year, per pharmacy.

Powerful, Targeted Marketing Tools

Healthera Connect helps you drive awareness of your available services and enables patients to book these easily from within the app. With limitless push notifications, you can broadcast to your entire patient base and increase service bookings at your pharmacy. Compared to other digital platforms, Healthera is proven to be the most cost-efficient.

Powered by an ecosystem of innovation

At its core, Healthera is a medication compliance app. But in practice, it delivers much more than this; utilising this prescription management software not only benefits the patients, it enables pharmacies greater efficiency and better communication with their patients.

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