Weldricks choose Healthera as mobile app partner

Updated 13th Jul 2020

Patients can expect a modern, simple way to repeat order prescriptions and communicate securely with their local Weldricks pharmacy.


On Monday 18th February, Weldricks pharmacies, in conjunction with Healthera Ltd, launched their new patient mobile app for iOS and Android. The Weldricks app is based on NHS approved Healthera technology which is currently offered by hundreds of independent pharmacies. The app allows patients to order their repeat prescriptions from within the app saving time for both Weldricks staff and customers alike while giving the patient a visible representation as to their prescription status.

The Weldricks app acts as a medicine management tool, ensuring patient compliance with their medication. This ensures patients take their medication regularly and at the correct times to maximise the medical effects of the prescription whilst minimising wastage. Patients can also use the app as a two-way messaging platform to connect patients with their local Weldricks pharmacy.

The app rolled out to over 63 pharmacies across the North of England, reaching over half a million patients.

Weldricks Director of Operations, David Vanns commented on the partnership “Like all other retail businesses, pharmacy must evolve by maintaining its strengths and eradicating its weaknesses. We must offer patients what the digital channels can and more to earn the right to retain their loyalty.

We chose Healthera as a technology partner as they are a market leader in pharmacy-offered medication apps. By providing a user-friendly medication app to our patients, we expect to see improvements in repeat prescription retention and brand awareness, while allowing our colleagues in our pharmacies to free up time and excel on face to face patient care.”Martin Hao, COO of Healthera added: “We’re very pleased to be the technology partner to Weldricks pharmacies, providing the forward-thinking household brand their very own patient app. This is what we can do to strengthen an influential pharmacy group’s digital offer to their patients and ensure they stay at the forefront of innovation in the NHS”.

HI Weldrick Ltd (trading as Weldricks Pharmacy) have a pharmacy tradition dating back to the 1930s when their founder's grandmother opened her first pharmacy in Doncaster Town Centre. Remaining true to the company vision, the business remains 100% family owned. With a commitment to community healthcare, Weldricks have steadily grown to 63 pharmacies, still concentrated in South Yorkshire with over 600 trained staff including over 80 pharmacists, 9 of who are clinical pharmacists. They have a long history of technology adoption with an internet presence since 1998.

Healthera is a patient-centric app, founded by Computer Scientists and Medical Researchers from the University of Cambridge. Healthera was conceptualised and developed with the Institute of Public Health, Cambridge University.

Healthera aims to bring pharmacies in the United Kingdom an all-rounded digital upgrade for top-notch patient-centred care, and to all of us who order and take medicines a free, simple and delightful medication management mobile app.

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