Vitamins & Supplements: Do I need them?

Updated 3rd Dec 2021

Do we need vitamins? Yes. But do we need vitamin supplements? That depends.

Most people can actually get all the vitamins they need through a healthy, balanced diet. However it is sometimes necessary, or at least beneficial, to take supplements.

But you need to be careful!

Did you know that you can take too many supplements? You’ve probably heard of a vitamin deficiency, but have you heard of a vitamin “overdose”? While it’s really unlikely to happen just by eating food, it absolutely can when supplements are involved.

There are safe and necessary amounts of each vitamin that adults and children need. Supplements can either help us reach these levels, or push us over. That’s why it’s important to pay attention to what you are consuming and assess if supplements are actually the right choice for you.

You can speak to a local pharmacist via the Healthera App and discuss vitamin supplements, as well as get them delivered to your door.

Keep reading to find answers to the the most frequently asked questions about vitamins, minerals and supplements.

Frequently Asked Questions


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