Digital Upgrade for Pharmacies

Patient relationship management

Healthera in your pharmacy

Your pharmacy’s all-round digital upgrade

Healthera Connect™, Healthera Station and Healthera App: the necessity for bespoke patient-centric care.


Unlimited two-way communication with your patients

Flexibility to adjust amount of patient interaction towards your needs. Quickly identify and solve patient problems with great simplicity.

Powerful platform to Market and Manage your pharmacy offerings

Be it the NHS pharmacy services, private health services or a unique deal. Healthera App encourages your customers to find more about them.


Why Choose Us?

6 reasons to sign up now

Upgraded Customer's Experience

Enhanced customer care helps you stop the loss of customers every month. Automated customer engagement drives up your store traffic and increases cross-sales for OTC and beauty products.

Effective Communication

Group your patients and tailor make your messages. A simple and direct way to communicate with your customers and get your message across.

Customer Insights

Evaluate customer satisfaction. We help you to derive patient insights and drive business success through big data analytics.

Powerful Marketing

Help any App user to locate your pharmacy. Healthera promote your unique offerings in a genuine and appealing way.

People centered Innovation

Backed by Cambridge technology and 25 years of pharmacy IT experience. Healthera brings you the best of quality in IT product and customer support.

Strict Data Protection

NHS Digital (previously HSCIC) certified Information Governance protocol. Healthera is stricter on data protection than the industry standard.